The Next Team Rocket

by Pika-chan

Part One: The Meeting

(Ash and his friends have met again with Team Rocket and are arguing with them on the road just outside Seridan City)

"For the last time...."Jesse said angrily, pointing to Ash. "Give us that Pikachu." "Yeah." James complained. "Weíve been following you all over for ages. If you give it to us weíll stop bugging you." "I donít want to give up Pikachu." Ash stated, hugging his little yellow Pokemon. "Look at it this way. How would you like it if someone took Meowth away from you?"

"Got any yarn on you?" James asked.

"Iíve got a ball of string in my backpack."

"Itíll do." Jesse said, and picked up Meowth. "Here you go. Heís all yours."

"Hey!" Meowth yelled, struggling angrily in her grip.

"Alright, how about if I traded you my Pikachu for your Ekans?" Ash asked.

"I know Iíd miss Pikachu like crazy."

"How about a week long trade? See if you miss Ekans or not." Brock prodded from where he stood beside Ash.

"Ah, no. Iíve been through that." Jesse said, sweatdropping. "James and I traded Pokemon for three days last month. Ekans bit him and I got smoke poisoning from Koffing. I trade for Pikachu and weíll both be in ICU at the Pokemon center. You, snake bite, me, severe electrocution burns. Nooo, thanks."

"But you missed Ekans when you traded with James right?" Misty asked from behind Ash.

"Well, geez, yeah. I mean, Iíve had him since I was two." Jesse mummbled, shrugging. "I guess I missed him. Yeah."

"So you wouldnít want to trade him?"


"Then you can see why I donít want to give away Pikachu. Heís as special to me as Ekans is to you." Ash stated.

"I think heís got you nailed, Jesse." James said.

"I think youíre right." she muttered in reply. Then Jesse, James, Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu all heard it.

"Come battle.....Squirtle!" A red and white Pokeball sailed between Jesse and James, hit the ground and popped open. A Squirtle jumped out. It said, "Squirtle, Squirtle." Another voice chimed in. "I choose fighter.....Charazard!" another Pokeball flew over Ashís head and landed, popping open. A Charazard popped out. It growled meancingly at the Squirtle. >From either side two teens ran into the space between Team Rocket and their rivals.

"Sorry." apologized the girl who entered between Jesse and James. "Impromptu match between siblings. Hope you donít mind." She had sharp blue eyes and purplish hair, like Jamesí. It was styled in a middle part at front with a little wisp falling between her eyes. But in back it was pulled up in a ponytail. Her ears sported large round green studs. Her red lipped mouth curled to one side in a pleased smile.

"Of course we donít mind. Weíll watch from the side of the road." Brock said dreamily, face turning a glowing red.

"Good idea. Itíll be safer that way." said the boy who had pushed his way between Misty and Ash. He was strikingly handsome, with red hair swept back in a stylish middle part, one loose wisp hanging in his face. His eyes were a shocking emerald. The group strode over to the side of the road and watched as the two battled.

"Charazard!" the boy called out. "Scorch!" The dragon-like lizard jumped up and spewed a giant fireball at the little Squirtle.

"Squirtle!" The girl cried. "Protect yourself!" The Pokemon popped into itís shell to wait out the blast. When Charazard paused and opened itís mouth to dredge up another fireball Squirtle jumped out of itís shell.

"Squirtle! Give it your best aimed watergun!" the girl commanded. Without futher intstruction the Squirtle threw a wave of water down the Charazardís throat. The dragon pokemon drew back, with the oddest look on itís face, and coughed out a cloud of black smoke. The boy started. "Not bad sis." he said. "Charazard return! I choose fighter.....Pikachu!" He threw a second Pokeball and a Pikachu popped out. It was a brighter yellow than Ashís Pikachu and had pink circles on itís cheeks instead of red. Ash felt Pikachu go limp in his arms and looked down to see the little Pokemon drooling over the other.

"Oh sheesh. Donít tell me you like her." Ash muttered.

"You kidding?" Meowth said from beside him. "Heís head over heels for her."

"On first sight?" Ash asked

"It happens." Meowth grinned, nodding to Brock who was still beet red and staring at the girl.

"Hey I just noticed something." James said suddenly, pointing to the two trainers. "Theyíre wearing Team Rocket Uniforms!"

"Thatís weird." Jesse mused. "I thought we knew everyone at Headquarters."

"What else is weird...." James said angrily. "Here we are chasing after that Pikachu and he already has one!"

"Maybe the boss wants two?"

"Oh, good point."

"So you wanna play dirty do ya?" The girl said defiantly. "Water versus electricity is no fair! Squirtle return! Come battle......" lifting a pokeball she spun on her toes and twisted around, hurling the ball into the air, and lifting one leg to pivot on her left foot. ".....Koffing!" The Pokemon bounced into the air.

"Pikachu against Koffing?" James asked. "Thatís a death sentence for that poor Pokemon!"

"Actually no." the boy said turning briefly to James. "She handles that Koffing really well. Itís a great match." he turned back to the fight. "Pikachu! Thundershock!" The Pikachu released a huge blast of electric energy.

"Koffing! Refelction fog!" The Koffing relased a blast of shimmering smoke then shot up into the air out of the road of the Pikachuís electric attack. The lighting bolts bounced off the fog and shot back at the Pikachu. The little animal was charred a toasty brown. It coughed a puff of smoke and fell over.

"Wow!" James exclaimed. "I didnít know a Koffing could do that!" Pikachu bolted out of Ashís arms. He ran to the play field, between the boy and girl and stopped next to the fallen female Pikachu.

"Pika?" He asked, shaking the other.

"Pikachu get up.." the boy groaned. "You know we donít fall for that one." With a sigh of defeat the Pikachu got up. She had been faking the whole thing!

"Koffing!" called the girl. "Crash/Posion Gas Attack!" The Pokemon swooped down and knocked into itís opponent, at the same time releasing a blast of gas into the Pikachuís face. This happened several times before she finally fell over, hacking.

"Looks like I win." the girl smirked. Her Koffing came to float beside her. She patted it. "Good work Koffing."

"Good game." the boy replied, and picked up his Pikachu. "Pretty good fake out but you need a new strategy for practice fights." he said. The Pokemon nodded. "Ka-chu."

"Thatís some very nice Pokemon handling." Brock said coming up to the two trainers. He was staring directly at the girl, face a bright red. "Iím Brock, and this is Misty, Ash and Pikachu. Those three nuts over there are Jesse, James and Meowth. You can ignore them."

"Iím Ruka and this is Ryer." said the girl pointing to herself, then the boy. "We're Team Rocket Two. Ambassdors from the Gemini Gym in Satrudo City."

"The Gemini Gym?" Misty said. "Iíve never heard of that."

"And where's Satrudo City?" Ash asked. Jesse and James then pushed their way into the crowd.

"What do you mean youíre Team Rocket two!?!" James yelled. "Weíre Team Rocket!! The original Team Rocket!!!"

"The original Team Rocket runs the Gemini Gym." Ruka replied with a laugh. "Theyíre our parents and you two....." she turned to look at them. Then she froze and began to babble hitting her brother on the shoudler until he turned around too.

"What is it?" he asked. Then... "Yaa!"

"What?" Jesse demanded. "Some sort of huge monster behind us or something?"

"No. Itís you." Ruka breathed. "Youíre our parents......except youíre seventeen!"

"Oh darn it WORKED! Meowth wasnít kidding about it being a time machine." Ryer yelled.

"Gee. A tin can and a dead energizer battery. Who would have thought..." Ruka muttered.

"What year is this?" Ryer asked.

"1999." Jesse said.

"Aaugh! Weíre not born for six years! " Ruka screamed. "I want to go home!!!"

"Quit whining." Ryer snapped.

"Since when do you get to order me around!?!" Ruka screamed, picking up a mallet and whacking Ryer up the back of the head.

"Since Iím older!" he yelled, grabbing a bigger mallet.

"By two minutes you idiot!" A young Meowth jumped down in between the two siblings. "Iím youngest!" it said with a happy grin.

"Boy. Donít you just suck the fun right out of this." Ruka muttered, looking at the Pokemon, sweatdropping and discarding her mallet.

"Sheesh Mew. How come you gotta be so happy all the time?" Ryer grummbled

"Blame my mother." She replied sweetly.

"Hold it a minute." Brock interrupted. "Are you two trying to say that Jesse and James here are your parents in the future?" He pointed to Ruka and Ryer.

"Um.... How do you say that again, oh right.... Duh!" Ruka said sarcastically.

"Well you do look quite a lot like us." James mused, eyeing Ryer.

"And I certainly canít argue with your fabulous fashion sense." Jesse commented scanning over their identical Team Rocket uniforms. James looked from himself to Jesse. "Which of you belongs to which of us?" Ruka and Ryer looked at each other and started giggling.

"Weíre both yours." Ruka snickered.

"Weíre twins." Ryer chimed in.

"Huh?" Jesse and James both sweatdropped.

"Okay, weíll spell it out for you." Ryer said. He walked over to Jesse. "Youíre our Mom." he said. Ruka ran over to James and took his hand. "And youíre our Dad." James and Jesse looked at each other in shock. "You mean....?" Jesse began.

"W.. we....?" James stammered. Ruka and Ryer nodded, "Like we said. Youíre our parents."

Part Two: Tell Us All

"This is Koffing. He was my very first Pokemon that a caught myself. Then I caught this Rhydon." Ruka proudly held up her two Pokeballs.

"I caught my Pikachu on my own but Ekans is one of Arbokís babies." Ryer said, looking at Jesse. "You let me keep him." Team Rocket, Team Rocket Two and their rivals sat in the shade of a large tree, comparing Pokemon.

"You caught a Pikachu? Aw gee." James whined. "We need one of those."

"Donít worry. A little more than five years and youíll get fired. Then you get to be Pokemon trainers on your own. You run the Gemini Gym remember?"

"Fired?!" Jesse shouted.

"Yeah but it wonít happen for five years and we canít tell you why or weíd really mess up the time line." Ruka agreed. "But you make nice money anyway. You see after your boss died he hadnít changed his business will. Heíd claimed you dependents to the whole company and forgot to find somebody else to do it after he fired you. You own it now but you donít really work there. Mostly you spend your time training Pokemon at the Gym in Satrudo but you really switched everything around when you took over. The company doesnít kidnap Pokemon now. Itís a shelter for lost or hurt Pokemon. Like a Pokemon center for the ones with no masters. Brock hooked you up with some girl in the woods. The one who gave Ash, Blubasaur?"

"Oh yeah, her...." Brock said dreamily.

"Anyway. Thatís how it works now." Ruka said, sweatdropping as Brock sighed dreamily.

"Fired and then we take over the company and run our own gym." James said. "I like it."

"Thatís Dad alright." Ryer mumbled.

"Yeah, just younger." Ruka muttered in reply.

"So who are you exactly?" Meowth asked, looking right at the younger cat Pokemon.

"Weíll, youíre my Dad." She replied. "And Ruk and Ry command me. They call me Mew so they donít confuse me with you since Iím a Meowth too."

"Um, okay. But are you like a member of the second Team Rocket?" Mew nodded.

"Do you have a Headquarters of your own?" Ash asked Ruka.

"We have a card table in the basement." she replied. "But weíre looking into a club house in the backyard."

"Yeah, and we have all manner of access to the house." Ryer added holding up a ring of keys. He began to flick them over the ring, naming them off. "House key, house key, house key, bathroom window picklock, balcony door picklock, access card to main building of the Original Team Rocket Head Quarters, Gym key, Gym key, Gym key, Garden gate picklock, Gym poolroom skylight picklock and is all else fails....smash." He held up a mallet and grinned.

"Wow. We have a house?" James asked.

"Yeah." Ryer nodded. "You travel a lot now but you will have one very nice penthouse apartment downtown in Sutrudo. And the Gym is on two levels. You train grass, ground and air Pokemon mostly but Ruka and I have our own little section for our rock, electric, fire and water Pokemon."

"Wow. We sure have a cool future." James said. Jesse nodded. "Mm-hm."

"Do you have any brothers or sisters?" Misty asked.

"No we're only children. But we have lots of friends." Ruka replied. "There's our neightbours, the Quads and then my pen pal Nina who lives in Pallet. I see her every year at the Pokemon convention on Evolution Mountain. Her Mom and Dad and her always come. She brings her Pikachu and Hitmonchan and we do battle. She has three badges. Rock, Wind and Rainbow."

"Who are her parents. Anyone we know?" Ash asked.

"You and Misty." Ryer said. Misty and Ash both looked at each other and screamed, scrambling as far away from each other as possible.

"I married HIM!?!" Misty screamed.

"I can't believe this! I wouldn't fall in love with that bug hating, bike possesive, carrot top in ten million years!" Ash yelled.

"Who are 'the Quads'?" Brock asked, ignoring his companions.

"The Quadruplets." Ryer explained. "They're your daughters. Katie, Kitty, Kimmie and Kat."

"Do they have any siblings?"

"They have a baby brother, but Jordan's to little to play with much yet. He's not that much of a playmate but is he ever cute!" Ruka sighed. "The quads all look exactly alike. Pink hair tied back in loops, blue eyes, and they all have a Vulpix. They can't even tell each other apart. Almost the only way to tell them apart is either how they laugh, or their badges. Katie has a Marsh Badge for defeating an Alakazam Phsycic Pokemon, Kitty beat a Gloom and got a Grass Badge, Kimmie earned a Water Badge for defeating a Squirtle, and Kat won an Ice Badge battling a Hitmonchan."

"Pink hair?" Brock asked. "Who's their mother?"

"Oh she works as a nurse at the Pokemon center. Everyone calls her Joy."

"Nurse Joy!?!" Brock yelled. "YEEEESSS!"

"What else is different in the future? Are there robot slaves?" James asked, his eyes wide with the thought.

"They've invented the three day work week." Ryer shrugged. "And suits and ties are practically antique. Everything is casual and comfortable."

"Anything else?" Jesse asked, "What's in style in your era?"

"Fur is making a comeback." Ruka mused. "But the really big thing with the girls is short skirts. Everybody at the mall really loves my Team R outfit. I just leave off the jacket and put on my sandals and I'm set."

"Everyone at the mall? Don't you go to school?" Jesse asked.

"We used to go to The Pokemon Academy...." Ryer said forlornly. "That brain school you and Dad tried to get in to when you were younger? But all the kids there were obessesed with facts, battle ranks and satistics."

"They made both of us feel really dumb," Ruka broke in. "And we were always afraid of saying something wrong, because punishments were really harsh. When we graduated the kindergarten class you and Dad pulled us out with a letter of complaint to the school board on their discipline policy. We've been home schooled almost all our lives."

"You taught us pretty much everything we know." Ryer shrugged.

"I just have to ask this." James sighed, looking to Jesse with a look idicating that his curiosity had go tten the better of him again.

"Which of us is your favorite parent?" he said. Ruka and Ryer looked at each other.

"Geez. I don't know. We like you both." Ruka said.

"We don't have a favorite." Ryer agreed.

"That's all I needed to know." James smiled.

Part 2