I debated heavily over whether or not to do this section. A lot of the fics in here were ones that I asked the author to put up, so technically those would be disqualified. But I thought, it's not like I'm giving out an award, just my opinion. So I decided to make this section for anyone stuck as to what to read. Again, I'll say this is just my opinion, I consider all the stories in the archive and I pick out a good read for the moment. Only finished fics will be considered, though. Is my opinion valued? I don't know, but it's my page and the only fics that won't be considered for this section are my own. It's just easier that way. Also, this section went from being fic of the week to fic of the moment when I no longer updated on a weekly or daily basis. So that's why all the archived pics say week rather than moment. Also, a lot of them are still on the fortunecity server, so you'll get popups blown in your face when you click them (and they do all work now). Anyway... on to the fic pics!

Story of the moment for 8/5/02
Twilight Always Falls
I can remember days when I updated this site every day. Why, I also used to update THIS section weekly! But sadly, this site fell on the back burner, and I update it a lot less. I haven't touched this page since I moved the archive almost a year ago, and the links were all broken until today. But I've fixed it up, and they all work now, and I also decided to add in the first fic from the new archive. This fic has all the classic trademarks of one of my favorites. It's dramatic, it's serious, it's rocketshippy, it's well written, and it draws me in. It's got some length to it, but with a story like this, the longer the better because it just means you can keep reading. I skimmed it like I normally do to summarize, and this one caught my attention and MADE me read. I was not sorry. Please, by all means, READ THIS STORY! It was my obsession for a couple weeks after I read it, I couldn't stop thinking about it. It gets JessieRocket's Seal of Approval.

Story of the moment for 2/11/01
A Rose, Petals Falling, Dying
I'd been away from the site when I came across this fic approximately 7 months after it was submitted. It's fics like this though that make me feel bad about the massive backlog. This is a beautiful, short piece about Jessie's thoughts and feelings about committing possibly her first crime, and her true motives behind the Sunnytown Bike Gang. The ending is very touching, and it contains some shippiness. The story also has speculations about the meeting of Jessie and James as well as Jessie's past. It's only a few paragraphs long, but the ending... the ending is superb. I can't really describe the ending, I just loved it so much. Go do me a favor and read this ASAP. I mean it. This most definitely gets JessieRocket's seal of approval.

Pic of Week for 12/17/00
A Team Rocket Christmas
Of course I need to post a Christmas fic at Christmastime ^_^ Luckily I had this one sent in to me last Christmas, but I was too slow and didn't get it posted until just after the Holiday. So... it gets featured as the fic of the week for Christmas this year (I know Christmas doesn't fall on this week, but I won't kid myself and pretend that I'll rotate this gallery by next week -_-;). It's a really good fic, Jessie and James are lost in the wilderness and Mondo has to go for help ^_^ Er... I'm gonna find the last little bit that got cut off and fix it... *can't believe it's been like that all year* Anyway, read this seasonal story! It has JessieRocket's Seal of Approval!

Pic of Week for 10/21/00
A Truly Lovely Escapade
This is a sequel to a previous pic of the week, A Truly Icy Ecsapade. In this one, the gang is involved in yet _another_ contest, this time they partner up (Ash=Misty, Jessie=James, and uh... Brock=Jack). I chose this for the humor elements, as well as the well developed plot. This is just as funny as the first (after Misty declares she'll partner with Ash, he ponders what he did to deserve that ^_^), and there's a line in there that will delight Rocketshippers everywhere, I promise (in fact, the whole scene-switch thing is very well done around that part). So I highly recommend this story for a good laugh, and especially if you're a rocketshipper. It gets JessieRocket's Seal of Approval ^_^

Pic of Week for 8/27/00
The Dan'in
This is a very interesting, and very unique fic. Having this archive for awhile, it's very hard to make me comment that a fic is really, completely, 100% original. This one is ^_^ A Dan'in is one of those miscellaneous Rocket Agents you see in a black uniform and in large quantities, like the ones in the video games, or the ones that occasionally assist Jessie and James. This is a story done from the point of view of one of those agents. On top of being original, it's also well-written, and short. So this is the short, well-written, original fic of the week. It gets JessieRocket's Seal of Approval.

Pic of Week for 8/13/00
A Soul Shared
This fic quite literally blew me away. I was doing a quick update, scanning through it for the summary, and I realized it was a great story that was well-written. So I read the whole thing from beginning to end, and I'm so glad I did ^_^ This is a truly great fic, right up there with Feathers and Foxtails and Eyes Through the Soul. Time has passed and Jessie and James are in advanced state of age. Arbok is at the end of its life, with only a week to live. Jessie also has a disease that gives her limited lifespan. Perhaps not good if you're into action, but if you really want an emotional tearjerker, this is it. I cried hard at the end, even though it's a happy one. I don't know whether it was because I was sad, or happy, or what, but I cried. It was a confused cry, which I think is something no fic has done before. But IT MADE ME CRY, it's extremely difficult to make me cry. That says something about the fic. So please, read this fic, and experience one of the good ones (well, all the pics of the week are good ^_^). This definitely gets JessieRocket's seal of approval.

Pic of Week for 7/30/00
Truly and Forever
As you all probably know by now, I'm a big fan of silveRocket's writings. This author's work has been featured in this section before (Blue Sky, Green Deep), and of course it was bound to be featured again. This is a shorter fic about Team Rocket's last stand, told from Jessie's point of view. Although some violence is depicted (it's the final battle, what'da expect?), the way it's written makes this build up to the end. And yes, that is it end of the story, another one of it's finer points. Jessie defends the headquarters after sending James away with a promise to follow. Will she keep the promise? What about the end, what's with that cryptic comment? Find out the answers to these questions and more in Truly and Forever! It gets JessieRocket's seal of approval.

Pic of Week for 6/19/00
You know, I think this is one of only two fics on the page that don't actually star Team Rocket, and yet I'm featuring it here. Why? I dunno ^_^ I've been re-discovering old fics lately, and I read this one again, and I remembered how much I liked it. Although Team Rocket aren't the stars, they do play a major part in it. Here's another major point. It stars ASH. How 'bout that? ASH. Never thought you'd see the day, didja? But I like this Ash, he's not the normal dopey Ash. He's a tragedy-scarred Ash, hardened by 10 years of being a Pokemon Master, and being rougher on his pokemon, causing their demise. His friends have turned away, some of the enemies have changed, and he follows the only option that seems open to him: he joins Team Rocket. A sad fic, but I really like it, and I think it's worth a read by even the most violent anti-Ash person out there ^_^ It gets JessieRocket's Seal of Approval.

Pic of Week for 4/16/00
A Truly Icy Escapade
Of course you may be wondering why I picked this particular fic. Well, you kinda have to read it yourself to get the full experience, a summary really doesn't do it justice. The whole Poke-gang is there, with Jessie and James on assignment to Sandstone Slopes to catch an Articuno. Of course, the plot twist comes when, by some strange twist of fate, Brock, Ash, and Misty decide to take a vacation there at the same time. That's the basic gist, and it plays out exactly like an extremely funny episode of Pokemon, which is probably why I like it so much. The characterization is dead on, and the author knows how to take advantage of a situation to make it more humerous while still keeping everything in character. I just like this particular type of story, and this is a prime example of it. It gets JessieRocket's Seal of Approval ^_^

Pic of Week for 3/5/00
Jessie vs. Jessibelle
Terribly sorry, it seems I've lost the summary for this one ^_^ For now, just go read it and be surprised. I'll rewrite it later, but for now, it gets JessieRocket's Seal of Approval.

Pic of Week for 2/21/00
This one's been one of my favorites for awhile, and it popped into my head for this week. This isn't an especially long fic, but a fic doesn't have to be long to make its point. Anti-shippers can probably stop reading right now ^_^ Although you miss out on a fine quality story. If you loved Feathers and Foxtails, this is by the same author. It's kinda a sweet look at Jessie and James' life, when they met, they're experiences, but you know, the stuff we don't get to see on the show, the really sweet stuff. I can't really explain it, this is a fic that needs to be experienced rather than explained. Kinda makes you wanna laugh and cry and melt all at the same time (I'm sorry if these reviews have a decided feminine touch ^_^). Just go, JUST GO! Read it! It gets JessieRocket's seal of approval.

Pic of Week for 1/30/00
To Protect the World from Devastation
Another great story by Shadowcat. This is actually a series of stories, called the Team Rocket Motto Series, about a disease wiping out most of poke-manity and humanity. Jessie is the focus, and goes through several trials to obtain cures for both strains of "The R", a deadly disease. A good story, and the series has a suprise ending if you read all 4 stories (...To Unite all Peoples Within Our Nation, To Denounce the Evils of Truth and Love, and To Extend Our Reach to the Stars Above). Just read it ^_^ This gets JessieRocket's Seal of Approval.

Pic of week for 1/23/00
Alternate Dimensions
I love this series. Then again, I like a lot of Frogwoman's work. Currently, there are six stories in this series, All of them charming, slice-of-life type stories. If I had to pick a favorite in the series, I would say that it would be Eyes of a Persian, Ears of a Growlithe. This is one of the more serious, dramatic stories. But they have a great range of emotion, going from this story to Jessie, James, and a box of donuts, which is the epitomy of silliness with the both of them on a sugar high. There's probably a story here for everyone, and this comes highly recommended with JessieRocket's Seal of Approval.

Pic of Week for 1/2/00
The Satellite of 'Dite, the Fanfic of Riffing Other Fanfics
A humerous series, and it's been one of my favorites for awhile. A very appropriate one for the new millenium, this is the longest series and the most written in the archive. Basically, it's like reading an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, except with different anime stars and our favorite people from the NLS in the place of Mike, Crow, and Servo (sometimes not, they get worked in during the later episodes). They make fun of fanfics, but are nice about it. What could be better? If you haven't read any episodes, you're missing out on a lot, and I suggest you do read them asap. This DEFINETLY gets JessieRocket's seal of approval ^_^

Pic of Week for 12/26/99
Blue Sky, Green Deep
I really, REALLY liked this story for several reasons. This was one of the most unique and original fics I ever read, with barely any spoken words, mostly description. Also, it dealt with a sort of alternate reality, and when these are done well, they make for excellent stories. I can't sum it up anymore without giving away the plot, but I highly suggest you go read it ^_^ It gets JessieRocket's seal of approval.

Pic of Week for 12/19/99
Christmas in Pallet
Of COURSE I'd have a Christmas story here this week! This is the only one currently in the archive, and it's a really nice one. It has a really happy ending, and it was really nifty in August when it was sent in, and is still nifty today. Ash-tachi and Team Rocket stop in Pallet for the holidays, but while they're buying gifts for their respective groups, the local store isn't quite right. I just think this is a good one to have for Christmastime. Gets JessieRocket's seal of approval ^_^

Pic of Week for 12/5/99
The Trainer
An unusually short story to be featured here, but it's just so funny, I had to feature it. Of course, we've all read new trainer stories, and the feat of them catching a pokemon is always a good topic. That's what happens in this one. But it features all common characters, and it does have Team Rocket, or else it wouldn't be on the site at all. And it wouldn't be featured here if it wasn't something else entirely...

Pic of Week for 11/28/99
Shining Darkness
Again, a lot of good things to say about this fic. This was a big milestone in TRP history, the one and only 100th fanfic! This is a story, done from Butch's pov for the most part, about strange going-ons at Team Rocket Headquarters. Cassidy dosen't seem quite right, the Team is on the run, and Butch keeps encountering strange people. There's a cool neoshippy undercurrent to this, and it has a REALLY good ending. I tell you now, if you haven't already, read Shining Darkness. It gets JessieRocket's seal of Approval.

Pic of Week for 11/21/99
Playing Pretend
There are so many good things to say about this fic. Jessie and James are being retrained after a recent string of non-sucesses. Mostly done from James point of view, we learn there's a lot more to James' behavior than meets the eye. He's very serious, and a very dangerous fighter, one of the best there is to offer, but he puts on a front because he's afraid Jessie won't like the real him. This also gets points for "I dodge punch after punch, forcing myself to stay calm. For some odd reason I'm reminded of an old anime show I used to watch called Ranma Nubinoinochi." ^_^ I happen to love that series. Extremely well-written, and it gets deep into the character of James, a fine quality fic. It gets JessieRocket's seal of approval.

Pic of Week for 11/14/99
Jessie: Warrior Princess
This is a kind of series based on Xena: Warrior Princess. I've never seen the show myself. However, I abesolutely LOVE this fanfic! There's currently 3 in this series, all 3 are equally good. The first and second are kind of one story, the second a continuation of the first. The basic idea is that Jessie, the great Warrior Princess, who rides atop her majestic Arbok, is banished from her clan for not killing a baby pikachu and is sent to wander alone. Her former boss: Giovannus, but the story kinda centers around a conflict between Jessie and the Tyrant King of Ash Town, Satoshi the fierce ^_^ She has a couple friends to help her along the way, James the Bard whom she rescued from beatings by Jessibelle, and Mistique the Mighty, whom they took after Cassidyopeia's armies had raided the Cerulean providence. Very, VERY clever story, makes me wish I watched Xena ^_^ It gets JessieRocket's seal of approval.

Pic of Week for 10/10/99
The Price of Love
A Butch and Cassidy Story. These tend to be very rare. But not only is this a Butch and Cassidy story, it's also a Neoshipper story (a Neoshipper being someone who thinks Butch and Cassidy belong together, a B&C rocketshipper, basically). This is a VERY VERY sweet love story, no matter who's in it. Butch tries to put Giovanni out of commission, but isn't successful. Cassidy then gets involved, then Jessie, then James... Meowth... Just kinda a Rocket brawl. Very sad, very sweet, it has all the elements that make up my favorite stories. This gets JessieRocket's seal of approval.

Pic of Week for 9/26/99
Another Unaired Episode
I don't remember when I laughed so hard. This fic is equally matched with the one down there, The Musashi Show, as far as funny goes. I didn't know who Ranma or Keichii was when I first read Musa show, so it didn't have a good first impression (I know who they are now, and I think it's funny). This however, was a scream the first time I read it. We have a lot of good elements: Crossdressing, references to Holiday at Aculpulco, and Butch and Cassidy. I don't really wanna spoil this fic by saying any more, but READ IT NOW!!!

Pic of Week for 9/12/99
The Musashi Show
Here's another EXTREMELY funny fic by the normally serious Musashi. It's the Jerry Springer show of Anime, hosted by none other than Musashi herself! In this interesting set of interviews, we have Ranma and his 3 fiancee (I don't think that word was meant to be plural -_-;), Keiichi with Belldandy and Urd, Usagi and Mamoru with Mamoru's lover Fiore, and the Three Lights. Somehow most of the guests (Musa and Koji included)end up in the "back room." I'm gonna stop pondering this story now... I will put a warning about sexual implications, the words BACK ROOM should be an immedate warning after explaining about the sexual implications. This is one of the funniest fics I've ever read, and I'll just recommend it. It gets JessieRocket's Seal of Approval.

Pic of week for 8/29/99
Primary Colors
Oh, I was looking at all my previous pics and realized that they were all very dramatic and serious for the most part. I thought I'd go for a little change of pace. This is a cute story by Sforzie. Why do I like this story? Is it because they get a new member to train as a form of punishment? Is it because she has a Chansey, one of my personal top 3? Is it because they catch Pikachu? Is it because there's all sorts of interesting stuff going on throught the whole story? Is it because the entire series (Primary Colors, Battle Flags, The Grey Squadron, When Seleca Met Chansey) is one huge ride well worth the read? YES!!! (what'd ya think I was gonna say?) For the most part, this is a very upbeat story, but it does take a twist to drama at the climax, which is probably another reason I like it. JUST READ IT!!! It gets JessieRocket's seal of approval ^_^

Pic of Week for 8/22/99
Mind Games
This is one of my favorites for several reasons. One of them is because Musashi wrote it, and I abesolutely LOVE her stories. Another is that another rocket is used, quite well. Another is that it's somewhat rocketshippy. I will put a warning on this, it tries to break up Jessie and James' partnership, and it does this through the use of Aphrodisaics, which are kind of a hormone effecting drug. Translation: gets kind of intimate at some parts, but not too explicit. Of course a serious story, dramatic, and I love it to death. I think I've said all I can without giving it all away ^_^ Go ahead and read it, it gets JessieRocket's seal of approval.

Pic of Week for 8/15/99
Feathers and Foxtails
A story I absolutely LOVE by Lyssie. Obviously I like it, cause I used a quote from it on my front page ^_^ (I saw that pic in the manga and it sprang into mind). This is a good story in so many ways. First of all, it's one of the more rocketshippy stories I've read (I get into that a lot). Second, it's one of the most original storylines I've read. 3rd, I love all the pics I've seen for the story ^_^ Sometimes less is more, and I think this is one of those times. This is one of my favorite stories, definetly, but I've run out of words to describe it. Besides, no amount of words I put here would give it the dignity it deserves. Go and experience it for yourselves, if you already haven't (even if you have, I've read it 4 times, go read it again ^_^), Feathers and Foxtails. It gets JessieRocket's Seal of Approval.

Pic of Week for 8/8/99
Rocket Princess
This is a well-known fic by Chibi Team Rocket. Im sure a lot of people have read it, but I'll feature it here cause I like it so much. This is a Sailor Moon/Pokemon crossover, and very well done at that. I'll have to admit, I'm not a big fan of crossovers cause it usually gets pretty messy, but this one is handled well. It turns out Jessie is a Moon princess, ready to substitute in for Serena in case anything happens to her. We also learn the circumstances of James and Meowth's Team Rocket memberships (Meowth's is rather interesting in the story). This was actually one of the first fics I got for the archive as well (it's just way far down cause it took awhile to format). All around good fic, gets JessieRocket's seal of approval (you know how much fun it is to say that?)

Pic of Week for 8/1/99
Planes of Existence
This is a story by Frogwoman. This was actually the first fanfic anyone ever asked me to put in here, up until this I had asked the people ^_^ This is actually a very good story, about the possibility of traveling to alternate reality dimensions accidentally with a Temporeon, another evolution of Eevee. Kind of a drama, Jessie accidentally travels to one of the other dimensions and James has to save her with the help of Meyia and another Temporeon. A little comedy mixed in for good measure, a very good story. Obviously one of my favorites, or I wouldn't put it here. This gets JessieRocket's seal of approval.

Pic of Week for 7/25/99
The Next Team Rocket
This was one of the first stories I put in the archive(they go in chronological order, in case you were wondering). This fic was also one of the first Team Rocket fanfics I ever read, excluding my own. I thought it was great then, but I guess the shiny newness never wore off, marking it as a great fic. New characters are introduced, and are handled well, lots of neat Team Rocket moments, and a happy-sad ending, where the characters part, but know they'll meet again, it's inevitable, after all... This one gets JessieRocket's seal of approval.(interesting way to end these, right?)

Pic for week of 7-18-99
Eyes Through the Soul
This is really one of my all-time favorites. A tragedy strikes Jessie and James is always right there with her. Ash & co. are friends, too, but basically are just there to watch. Jessie has to fight her ailment a lot, but ends up on a dangerous mission with James deep into Rocket territory. I abesolutely love the drama in this one, and did I mention that it's Rocketshippy? A tad long, but well worth it. This story gets JessieRocket's seal of approval.